Perfect Pitch in Every Way!



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S A L A M A T . . . a long, long overdue brainchild, is a rare music collection of old time favorites, featuring my dearest family and friends.

This multimedia project is a labor of love for my mom, as my eternal “Thank You” present for giving me life, love, and the privilege to learn how to play a beautiful instrument, and be able to share with all my loved ones who once was part of my daily life, and will forever be.

All backing tracks created by: Tatiana Villaflor Tracks 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, and 14 arranged by: Tatiana Villaflor All tracks mixed and technically supervised by Bob Velasco


Tatiana Villaflor


My name is Tatiana and I am blessed for being gifted with perfect pitch. I started playing the piano at the age of 5. I was an active Glee Club member during my school days in PWU and owe it all to them! I became the Glee Club president when I was a Senior, and school accompanist from Sophomore to Senior year. I became a full time keyboardist for show bands from 1989 to 1995. I had to quit my showband career due to limitations of high treble decibels hurting my left ear. I went to the States in 1995 and learned web design. However, my love for music did not stop as occasionally I performed with bands for artists here in California, as well as performers from Manila for special shows and gigs.
Tammy Da Silva Xerez-Burgos

Tammy Da Silva

Tammy was a classmate of mine in PWU JMD from 1980-1984. When we were in 4th Year, we loved to sing duets like Ebony and Ivory, and other songs. She joined the Glee Club in our Senior Year. She was our Class Organization President (1st Year to 3rd Year), the President of our Student Council (4th Year) and our Class of 1984 Valedictorian. She was also a vocalist for the Heart and Soul Band in 1988, and Conjunction Band in 1988-1991. Tammy and I performed together as members of the Non-Toxic Band in 1992 and Time & A Half from 1993-1995. She had continued with the band until they disbanded.
Anna Mortel Villa-Real

Anna Mortel

I was always amazed with Anna because she sings with soul! Anna was the first person in my life (Tatiana) that I heard sing beautifully when I was a Girl Scout in JASMS. We performed some intermission numbers in HS, and this project is my dream come true! She joined the JRC Competition when she was in 3rd Year High School singing “Magbalik Ka Na Mahal”. She was also a part of the Metro Pop Screening committee when she was in 4th Year High School. She joined the Stage Lights showband in 1982 up to 1984. Anna currently has her own Bubble Burst Laundry Shop business in Paranaque.
Diane Sison


Diane is part of the reason why I ended up playing keyboards in a band. I used to watch their band regularly. Diane started singing when she was 8 years old, singing Evergreen at the top of their stairs in their house in San Antonio Biñan, Laguna. She knew she could carry a tune, but not as good as her Kuya (Marco Sison). But one day, her Nanay told her that he was impressed with her Evergreen rendition. Diane was one of the vocalists of the SMASH Band. They traveled to Malaysia, Bahrain, and Japan, and performed in the major five-star hotels in Manila. After the trip from Japan, she went solo as a lounge singer. She has retired from singing and currently works for BPO.
Teresa Lava De Guzman

Teresa Lava
De Guzman

Teresa or “Baby” as fondly called went to JASMS Indiana for Elementary and PWU-JMD in High School. She joined the Glee Club. After college, she joined Blue Note Band (1983), Retro Band (1985) in South Korea, KL, Jakarta, EFX Band (1989), Polityx Band (1990) Manila Band Explosion. Then in 1995, she went solo and performed in Hyatt Hotel Singapore.
Lori Lava-Coates

Lori Lava

Lori went to JASMS Indiana for Elementary then to PWU-JMD in High School. She was an active member of the Glee Club. She joined circuit bands such as Blue Note Band and Retro Band. She has two equally talented daughters (Becca and Rachel) who are also performing in this collection. There was not a lot of thinking to decide who will sing a Samba Song. When I recall our PWU JMD Glee Club in my first year, Lori and her classmates were the first batchmates I would see very often in the room and we would be singing the Samba Song alot. She is currently the VP Sales & Marketing at Antal International Philippines.
Jenny Sugay


An Opera/ Classical / Jazz / Pop Artist, Vocalist and Producer. She is at present the Vocalist at the Finestra Italian Steakhouse at the Manila Solaire Resort & Casino. She was a band member of the Allegria Lounge Band and the Mileage Band. She was an Opera Singer, singing Gondolier and a Streetmosphere at the Venetian Macau and a Resident Soprano of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Black Tie Entertainment and Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy. She joined a lot of competitions in the early 90's and garnered awards. She was one of the Backup Vocals at Regine Velasquez' R 3.0 Concert, was a Featured Artist in the Paskong Agostino and at the Jotun Philippine Launch with Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak.
Divo Bayer


Divo Bayer is a known Filipino singer for his hit songs like “Ba’t Di Mo Na Kaya”, “Bakit Hindi” and the hit song “Ngayong Nandito Ka”. He garnered the title as the only Emperor of the Soul of the country and the only Filipino male performer who can whistle like Mariah Carey. He was named Divo, from the notion of a male diva, by the famous Ella Mae Siason. I was very fortunate to play keyboards for him in many of his shows in the Bay Area and here in Los Angeles. I am very grateful that he has also opened doors for me to be able to perform with other Filipino artists who come here to sing for our Filipino Community.
Rachel Coates


Rachel Coates is a theater actress, host, performer, Theatre Critic, poet, freelance writer & storyteller, brand architect and a talented musician. Resorts World Manila's “The Sound of Music”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Father’s Day” for Repertory Philippines Theater, Red Turnip Theater's “A Doll's House, Part 2” (2018).
Joel Guarin


Joel is one of the best bass players I have worked with. He started as a member of the FEU orchestra as a Bassist. He has continued joining different bands - Breezy Band - Great Wall Sheraton Beijing 1990, Prelude Quartet - Swiss Grand Hotel Seoul Korea 1992, Hotdog Band 1993, Time and a Half band 1994-2000, wherein I was their keyboardist from 1993-1995. Then he joined Nxt level band 2000-2004, Nextep Band - Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore 2004. He is currently the Bassist of the Freestyle Band.
Beca Coates


Becca graduated at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology. She is a storyteller, singer, and a Professional Theater Artist. She has played roles in Resorts World Manila's “The Sound of Music”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Father’s Day” for Repertory Philippines Theater for Young Audiences, Repertory Philippines' “Agnes of God” back in 2017, The Sandbox Collective, “The Secret Garden” by Repertory Philippines.
Sarah Ebro


Sarah Ebro is an Executive Assistant at Adobe, where she interfaces with leadership throughout the company and supports efforts to grow Adobe’s lines of business. When she’s not excelling in the business world, Sarah is passionate about music, and has been singing as a hobby since her adolescence.
Kara Giordano


A nurse by profession, Kara is the daughter of my best friend Kaka. I have always admired Kara for her talent in singing. She started at a very young age. She also competed in the Canadian National Exhibition Showcase and placed 12th out of 500. She also joined other competitions in various showcases and festivals in Canada. Just like most of us, she also joined a band in Dubai (like me in 1991!) I am hoping to get to perform with her one day in a show.
Gina Libunao Rondez

Gina Libunao

At an early age of 5, Gina has entertained her family and friends with her gift of music. She started singing professionally at the age of 12. she became a recording artist under the Octo Arts international label in the Philippines in 1983. She joined show bands such as NightShift, Culture Shock and connected with Tatiana. Tatiana and Gina were inseparable and considered themselves as twins, sharing the same birthday (but different year). So, this SALAMAT project bears a special place in Gina’s heart.
Vicki Kagawan


JASMS '78, PWU-JMD'82, a member of the glee club since 3rd grade in JASMS. She was the chairman of the glee club by her senior year in high school as well as a member of the Junior Red Cross Singing Group. In the years after high school, she sang in choirs at church. Then she returned to performing on the theatre stage in plays and musicals around the San Francisco Bay Area. Vicki is still involved in theatre but is in demand as a stage manager. She currently works as a certified massage therapist and is slowly getting into voice-over work.