Tatiana is a very talented professional keyboardist for special events and shows. She also arranges music and offers backtrack music services. Tatiana has the charisma of perfect pitch which is her useful asset when it comes to keyboarding as she is currently working as a keyboardist supporting special shows in California and as a musician in the music entertainment circuit. She started a music career as a  keyboardist for show bands in 1989 after a year working as a Graphic Designer for Yamaha and Ambassador Cards. 

In 1995 Tatiana quit her showband career and rekindled her friendship with Graphic Design but this time adding up learning Print and Web Design. However, her love for music never stopped and learned to sequence midi tracks using Cakewalk. From 1997-2001, Tatiana continued playing for private gigs with Culture Shock Band and DOS duo, a piano/singer tandem performing with female vocalist Gina Libunao Rondez. She also taught piano lessons from beginners to Level 4.

Tatiana took a break from her music performances for ten years in 2001 to concentrate on her Web / Graphic Design profession. But still, music runs deep in her family blood and missed being in the performing industry, so she returned in 2012. Her comeback gig was a reunion one with Gina at South San Jose’s’ The Summit. She also had the opportunity to perform with singer Divo Bayer, and other popular artists in the Bay Area.

From time to time, she also plays keyboards for performers and recognized Filipino artists who come to California to sing for our Filipino community.

The following are interesting events, trivia and milestones about Tatiana:

  • Started playing by ear at age 5
  • Gifted with perfect pitch
  • Can study a song without keyboards in 10-15 minutes
  •  Went to PWU Conservatory of Music from 7 years old – 13 years old
  • Occasionally played for church mass
  • Member of Glee Club in Grade school and High School
  • Glee Club from 1st to 4th year HS, President of PWU JMD Glee Club in 1984
  • HS Glee Club accompanist from Sophomore to Senior HS
  • Joined first band in 1989, went to Dubai, and Japan in 1991
  • Performed at Hyatt Calesa Bar, Versomina, Strumms, Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Kachina Lounge, Sheraton, Cusco Bar, Midtown Ramada
  • Keyboardist / Musical Arranger for Art Nouveau / Non Toxic Band, and Time and a Half
  • Played Keyboards for Divo Bayer, Miriam Pantig, Wency Cornejo, Ice Seguerra, JayR, Top  , Carol Banawa, Nina, and David Pomeranz